Interview with Jonathan Chan, Company of Disciples

 C&MA Canada's New Ventures interviewed Jonathan Chan, founder of Company of Disciples on his journey in starting an organization devoted in building exemplary leaders by empowering people to live  exemplary lives. 

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November 11th, 2019: We are awake. In recent days we've been bombarded with the term "Woke." Woke in racism, woke in climate change, woke in poverty, woke in gender inequality and woke in the LGBTQ+. Yet, what are we to do about it? Are we just going to be "woke" and continue our self-indulgence or are we going to do something about it? Continuing their GospelX series, Jonathan and Henry discuss episode 11 season 2 of the X-Men Animated series. Enjoy!Enjoy!

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October 25th, 2019:  How can hatred or any emotion affect our way of seeing and interpreting facts? What are the negative consequences? Jonathan and Henry continue their Gospel X series discussing the X-Men Animated Series' episode 10 ssn 2 and what we can learn from it. . Enjoy!

Recent Videos: "Time Can't Heal"

September 28th, 2019: Jonathan and Henry return with another episode of GospelX entitled "Time Can't Heal." How do you start the healing process when we're wounded by guilt? Enjoy!

About Us

Vancouver, Company of Disciples, discipleship, practical, faith, Christianity, gospel, business

Our Vision

To See Business and Working Professionals Become Exemplary Leaders by Living Exemplary Lives

Vancouver, Company of Disciples, discipleship, practical, faith, Christianity, gospel, business

Our Mission

Christianity today must go beyond mere religiosity by connecting God's work with ours because Jesus did the same. THE Exemplary Leader

Vancouver, Jonathan Chan, discipleship, practical, faith, Christianity, gospel, business, work

Our Executive Director: Mr. Jonathan Chan

Throughout his 15 years of working in the corporate world, Jonathan realized there was a disconnect between the Gospel he believed and his work. Therefore, after acquiring a Master of Divinity at Regent College in Vancouver to complement his Bachelors in Economics and Graduate Degree in Business at Simon Fraser University, he made it his life purpose to connect his theological training, business training and corporate executive experience so that his Christian faith was not merely a religious endeavor confined to one or two moments of the week but to have the Gospel be realized in every fabric of his life. This, he believed, was the exemplary life that business professionals have longed for. He found himself a group of like minded professionals and while helping each other to pursue this vision and mission, their group grew and a business community was born in 2011 called the Company of Disciples. 

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