Current Projects

Annual Community Events

Richmond Community Day

Every summer we host a community day in Richmond where we have free food and fun for everyone who resides or works in the city centre of Richmond. For us, this is an event that give us the opportunity to give back to the community! To know more, contact us!

TCC Evening Discussion Group


Originally called the Men's Discussion Group, this monthly evening discussion series is now open to all. We discuss a broad range of topics that are highlighted in your daily news feed and lend a Christian perspective during our discussions. Come join us! Contact us for more info or to know when the next session will be happening.

TCC Lunch Exchange


Once a month we host a TCC Lunch Exchange where everyone is invited to discuss a specific topic facilitated by a guest speaker. Spaces are limited to 12 people to maintain an intimate space for conversations and learning. Contact us for more info and to RSVP.

IMCO's and GospelX Podcasts

Jonathan LK Chan Jonathan Chan

The news keep bombarding us with current events and sometimes, it's hard for us to keep up and reflect on how a Christian business professional should respond. Jonathan Chan and Henry Lui provide bi weekly podcasts to offer their Christian perspective on current hot topics. For past podcasts, go to our podcast page.

A Life that Thrives Series

Soul Care, Rob Reimer, Thriving Life

What does a life that thrives look like? We believe that a thriving life is a manifestation of a healthy soul and therefore, how does one attain a healthy soul? This coffee break series discuss several areas on how we can have a healthy soul using a video/podcast series entitled "Soul Care" by Dr. Rob Reimer. If interested, contact us!   

Alpha on Demand


You may have already heard about Alpha, A video series to help people accessibly encounter Christianity for the first time. Instead of traditionally holding Alpha in large groups over meals, we send you video episodes for your to watch and when you're ready, you can meet with Jonathan to discuss when you are available! Contact us if you're interested.